feel like someone injected wet cement into my veins

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think it has to do with school starting monday and working on this concert and trying to get this mini library job and frankly all these jobs get me mad cement exhausted. BUT here are some cool things:

  • this ted talk (!) (first link to a ted talk on bookbinder?), “how to grow fresh air” — you kinda need a lot of plants to do it but still cool
  • this interview with also lizzi bougatsos (My advice for young artists is to be open to doing anything. You have to be humble and you also have to do things you don’t want to do sometimes. It’s not always gonna be glamorous or fun, but that’s how you form who you are.)
  • thinking about potential birthday presents (for myself)
  • poet hanif adburraqib’s titles in general and this one specifically and also this one

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