barbeque harder

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great shortie with actor daveed diggs about gentrification:

When you moved to Washington Heights, which is rapidly gentrifying, did you try to be conscious of not playing that role of the gentrifier? I tried. I certainly didn’t call the cops on my noisy neighbors. You look at the woman who called the police on a barbecue in the park in Oakland — that’s sort of a classic example, right? What a crazy thing to do, to be a newcomer to a neighborhood and call the police on people doing what they’ve been doing for decades. It’s also not paying attention to the very complicated ways that people in the neighborhood are differently policed. Your calling the cops on a group of black and brown people barbecuing potentially leads to different consequences from somebody calling the cops on you.

As an Oakland native, did hearing about that incident surprise you? Well, the thing that I loved was the community response to it, right? It was to barbecue harder.

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