halloween bust

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ok, let’s be real, this halloween was a total bust, though a fun bust. had too many school assignments to really do something (i have 15 book reviews due sunday; have done 2ish, i’m scared/not scared) (ok  v. scared), though i did volunteer for the library at their annual costume contest. i dressed up as norma rae, which was a COMPLETE DUD, mostly because no one under age 100 knows the norma rae movie, though truth be told, i couldn’t get my hair right and didn’t have all details exact (though i did have  the UNION sign, which was quite perfectly replicated, tbh) (but i couldn’t carry it as i was manning the “knock down cans” game) (was disappointed to see that boys were quite fierce at throwing the beanbags, while the girls gently tossed them; is this nature gender stuff in real life?). ANYWAY, as norma rae — i just looked like myself with some ear plugs and a union pin. BASICALLY STUPID. got home late and had zero trick or treaters, so now ross is binge-watching the deuce,  i’m slowly writing book review(s) and drinking 1.75 glasses of rosé, and making marcella hazan’s tomato sauce, and watching the shining in the background.

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