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Posted: March 24th, 2019 | No Comments »

very cool, just had fractious talk with my crazy aunt, she implied to my sister-in-law that i was in dire straits (!), so my sister-in-law was like, hey, fyi, she’s worried/desperate for you to call her. so i call the aunt — v. bad idea, i was hotheaded about the whole thing (i left her a message a month ago, how often do you talk to your aunts?!). so then we proceeded to have a 40-minute conversation about who was more busy and who was not being empathetic and other dumbass bullshit. really fun. had to take half of an anxiety med to cool down (it cooled me a bit down too much, WOOF). ah maybe i should just go live in finland (“the World’s Happiest Country Is All About Reading, Coffee, and Saunas”).

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