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  • my skin has decided to try adult acne, cool
  • this was the most hilarious tweet series ever (courtesy of courtney) (“really imagine a nigga walking into your home screaming ‘brrrrrrrdot’ and asking your queen about Spain”)
  • this interview with kathleen hanna is pretty dope, especially the part about the genesis of the song “hot topic”
  • the semester is almost over? and now i’m second guessing myself and like maybe i should take summer school? but prob good to just take a second, since it’s been pretty brutal working full time and going to school. i’m basically lazy, you know? i mean, people dispute this, but i actually AM. so anyway, during this break, i’m going to make SO MANY desserts and watch so much shit
  • i loved LA, we slept a lot and took uber a lot, the wedding was lovely, friends were lovely, i did the elliptical for 20 minutes *in* my hotel room and paid $28 at the airport for delicious juices and went to marisa tomei’s brother’s pizza place, and the two (other) tourist things we did were go to dan tana’s (are we suckers, it was kind of awesome? i mean, it felt like tony and tina’s wedding) and visit angel’s flight, 100% because of bosch, and i LOVED it


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