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latest things:

  • “night shift” by lucy dacus
  • hanif abdurraqib’s essay about “night shift” and more
  • fleabag, oh my whoa, what everyone says is true, so compelling, first season crushed me, second season so romantic, i can’t stop thinking about either one or phoebe waller-bridge or boo or THAT PRIEST, i mean that priest
  • super bad day at work, v. cool, immediately worrying about being fired, bankrupting the company, etc. etc.
  • still thinking about the yellow and orange wildflowers on the way to austin two weeks ago
  • also thinking about coloring my hair, enh, but the gray is kind of taking over and making me look even more like an olden crone (a cool olden crone)
  • ross and i ate part of a weed gummie the other night, i took a mere quarter, but immediately we were both so dumb, like keanu reeves and william hurt in i love you to death (the worst movie) (kevin kline ughhhhhhh)


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