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Posted: June 1st, 2019 | No Comments »
  • watched the 1934 screwball comedy my man godfrey the other night, let me be real, carole lombard is NOT good in it, despite what ebert says. the whole movie is a bit meh, even though it has cool politics and william powell is pretty wonderful (note i keep trying to type my main man godfrey)
  • also watched always be my maybe, it’s NOT good (but not as bad as i imagine wine country is)
  • i hated the book the goldfinch, just saw there is a movie coming out of it — HARD PASS
  • even thinking about that book makes me annoyed
  • full disclosure: did not read whole thing, read 2/3 and simply could not keep going
  • this sweet story about retiring mailman floyd martin got me

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