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Vintage engraving of Old Father Time, 1899.


lately i’m just really feeling like i’ve been around a LONG time. i mean — let’s not mince words, 45 years is a long time. four DECADS. or decades, as others say. so many things under my belt. i mean besides these major awesome things like getting married and being a godparent — but a lot of wild and scrappy stuff, like the time when that hot 22-year-old drummer offered me a piece of gum and then proceeded to put half in his mouth and leave the other half for me to take from his mouth (me: oh WOW, it’s gonna go like this?). or when carolyn and i went on a double date to a brewpub in portland (lolz). or when david beebe hit on me at a wedding, after i had the stupidest crush on him 14 years earlier. or my trip with dan, julie, becky, and matt to southern france and northen italy. swimming in that castle pool in alba. swimming in cadaques. swimming in céfalu.  when carolyn and i had to go to tucson to present our company’s shamefully under-developed software projects to the city — we were so embarrassed, and so brave. or all the rock shows i went to alone. all the rock shows that crushed me (the constantines, the hunches, blood on the wall, townes van zandt [x2], thee oh sees, jay reatard, death from above 1976, explosions in the sky [x2], dirty projectors, les savy fav, vietnam, wolf parade, and 100s more that i’m forgetting). riding bikes and sharing burgers with t’chaka. listening to chad’s overnight show on froggy 94.7FM and requesting eddie floyd’s “knock on wood.” seeing ross play music for the first time. riding the nyc subway to a job interview in the middle of summer, with sweat pouring off me. not getting that job. being flown out to california and interviewing with eight people for a job at yahoo!. getting that job. flying a redeye to patrick and claire’s wedding. seeing george saunders read at a bookstore in SF. eating at chez panisse with jonah on the fly. hearing the strokes is this it? for the first time with dave macdonald at the elbo room. meeting courtney and caroline and john in high school. getting sugar-rim drinks with steve hely at some awesome old-school NYC bar and then seeing annie baker’s circle mirror transformation. seeing greg in all his plays while he was at tisch. the st. louis blues winning the stanley cup. walking home from greg’s through the snow. I MEAN HOLY HELL FORTY-FIVE YEARS!!!! i’m not saying i’m done, i’m just saying, it’s already been FULL.

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