me, as i am

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  • got my new glasses (pair #1) (went full tilt after having zenni glasses for the past three years and listen, no disrespect to zenni, she did me well when i needed it, but hello two pairs of progressives, WE’RE BACK, BABY), anyhow i’m a little worried because people have noticed the new glasses but been like, “are those your new glasses” and me is like “yes” and that’s the end of the conversation. hoping pair #2 elicits more positive feedback. but whatever, as kara brown says, “I can only be me. Me, as I am” [in strange glasses]
  • kara brown! forgot about her but my cousin was making pasta, which sent me to kara brown’s pasta making blog and it is SO funny. it is not updated all that often anymore (two posts in 2019, i don’t think so), but i laughed multiple times while catching up. for instance: “Ina [garten]’s recipe doesn’t call for any butter with the sauce, but it also calls for penne and I ain’t doing that.” guys you know how i feel about penne. also this:

    A brief aside: I was looking into exactly what type of wine would go best with this sauce since it does have have both cream and tomatoes and it turns out it doesn’t really matter–both red and white can work for this. One chef suggested champagne and I loved it because as far as I’m concerned, champagne goes with everything: moments of celebration, moments of sadness, a bowl of cereal the morning after a night that may or may not have involved dancing on a bar. Although I take the risk of being accused of being in bed with Big Champagne, let me say it again: champagne goes with everything!!!

    anyway there is so much good in that blog, read it to feel like a human and also chuckle a few (THOUSAND?) times

  • i got one of those mechanical keyboards for my birthday!!!! i’m not sure why i decided to go that route but my typing sounds mad professional
  • can you tell that grad school started yesterday and i can’t even bear to look at my class syllabus, which i have to do ASAP and probably turn in an assignment tonight
  • every night these days i wake up at 4am and i’m like this: [AWAKE]. i keep telling myself that i’m going to go ahead and get up but it’s so dark and —
  • clyde, my little clyde, isn’t eating much anymore — snubbed dairy queen french fries AND a burger tonight. which is just not him, not even on a bad day. eventually he ate a bit of chicken sandwich meat, which i hand fed him, but you can see it’s not good. but what next and how does one prepare for any of this. life is really fucked. here he is, looking presidential two weeks ago (sometimes i honestly think he looks like george washington — such heart, such wisdom):clyde at his most presidential

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