i hope so!

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from an interview with rosanna arquette:

this family is CUTE

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i’m old and this is twitch from ellen but whatever, they are CUTE. also, in my next life i’m coming back as a hip-hop dancer


##stiffshake @allisonholkerboss shout out @joshkillacky

♬ Goodies – Ciara feat. Petey Pablo

good lord

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there was a prairie home companion caribbean cruise?!

just a couple of things

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  • i liked these headspace meditations
  • bosch is back april 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pulled out moby dick — maybe it’s time to read it?
  • we started LOST last night, lolz (sticking with the first season, per courtney’s recommendation)
  • ps if you need a show, don’t forget the americans, it’s a slow burn devastator

this really made me laugh

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Sub-par Parks: Posters for national parks based on one-star reviews of them. (via laura olin)

maybe it hit my sweet spot because working at the hotel taught me how impatient people are — and how quick they are to noisily and publicly share those opinions.

from the grand companions weekly email

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he got adopted!!!!

in vein news

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before i got laid off, we were super short staffed due to corona quarantines, so i had to help out in laundry (!). while i was transferring laundry from the washer to the dryer, i looked down and my arm veins were straight poppin, NOT in a good way (if there is a good way?). staring at it too long made me feel woozy so i had to keep moving and eventually they settled down but why did this happen? was the vein angry about the layoff?


this came in the mail yesterday

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(courtesy of my mom)

good things

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  • the peach tree we planted is blooming!!!! (see above)
  • frankie’s deer-like tail
  • i think my new gummi vitamins may be “working”?
  • this cool comic about wuhan
  • listening to the kinks’s sleepwalker, thanks to jonah
  • this arbor foundation email (“Right outside your window, trees are (quite literally) budding with expectation and hope — ready to unfurl their leaves and bloom once more after a winter of quiet. Let us find strength in this idea.”)

this break is weird as hell but maybe it’s a strange time to slow down and recenter and reconnect. it kind of feels that way to me. i’m excited to catch up on school, do yoga, do arm exercises, kind of sleep in, watch some TV, catch up on junky novels, maybe listen to the harry potter audio book?

that’s how fast it happens

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and all of a sudden, i’m getting laid off tomorrow. WHOOSH. corona hits and it’s the absolute end of the hospitality sector, just that fast. we still are at 95% occupancy but the cliff is coming (i tried to find a cliff gif, but “dramatic descent gif” turned up nothing???? maybe a duckduckgo problem). have had a lot of hollowed-out-scared feelings this week but now strangely at peace. because i can at least concentrate on school for a hot second and catch up and maybe even take an extra summer school class (doubtful but maybe)? also wouldn’t it be a miracle if that new marfa library job — the one for which i had already filled out the application and was just awaiting the job posting — still panned out?! but the library is now closed indefinitely, and with fewer tourists — will the city even have the funds for the position? looks unlikely. more devastation coming, look how fast it came for me. even so, i’m grateful for the year with el cosmico and i guess — here we go.