good things

Posted: March 21st, 2020 | No Comments »
  • the peach tree we planted is blooming!!!! (see above)
  • frankie’s deer-like tail
  • i think my new gummi vitamins may be “working”?
  • this cool comic about wuhan
  • listening to the kinks’s sleepwalker, thanks to jonah
  • this arbor foundation email (“Right outside your window, trees are (quite literally) budding with expectation and hope — ready to unfurl their leaves and bloom once more after a winter of quiet. Let us find strength in this idea.”)

this break is weird as hell but maybe it’s a strange time to slow down and recenter and reconnect. it kind of feels that way to me. i’m excited to catch up on school, do yoga, do arm exercises, kind of sleep in, watch some TV, catch up on junky novels, maybe listen to the harry potter audio book?

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