if this isn’t a dress-up occasion, i don’t know what is

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from david sedaris’s favorite things:

Procellatech Reacher Grabber Pick up Tool ($19 for 2)

I don’t have any particular brand I use, but it’s just one of the things that’s like a hand that you use to pick up trash. The one I have isn’t fancy. My local council in England gave it to me, and it’s just made of plastic, but you don’t want a heavy one if you’re walking eight hours a day picking up trash. It was just something I did while walking because people in England throw their trash out their car windows. There’s never any shortage of litter to pick up. I guess it’s like my hobby. So I’ve picked up so many tons of garbage that my local garbage council named a garbage truck after me. Actually, about four years ago, I got invited to meet the Queen because of all the trash I picked up. There’s a day when she invited do-gooders to Buckingham Palace, and I thought, if this isn’t a dress-up occasion, I don’t know what is. I really thought it would just be me and the Queen and my boyfriend. It was like 8,000 people.

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