all the things i made during my layoff

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  • BA’s best chocolate chip cookies, but i don’t think i browned the butter right, so they were kind of not anything to repeat
  • bucatini with butter-roasted tomato sauce — first: i don’t like bucatini too much, and second: marcella hazan’s tomato sauce totally tops this by a million
  • vegan thai curry — very underwhelming, though we cut some corners with the curry paste AND i diced the sweet potato too tiny. so it turned out a bit of a flavorless mush. but who can i blame? THE RECIPE
  • kentucky butter cake — not bad, i may have overcooked, but it didn’t WOW me, so: deleted

i was supposed to make a lot of other things (namely, this soup called “roberto”), but i didn’t and now it’s back to eating ice cream for dinner (i hope).

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