old photo from 2019

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got a new phone! iphone 6 you were great but then you straight up quit working and now iphone SE it’s time to party. i had to restore from an old backup from 2019, because i hadn’t backed up recently, but it’s kind of nice to go back in time, in some ways. for example: rediscovered this photo.

in other news, i’m avoiding all school reading and just agonizing about trump’s refusal to concede / the anger coursing through our country. also ross said i was “an intense person” on friday and i was like, i’m what?! even though i mean — intense is not necessarily bad…but it was a real hard (HALF) truth to hear (i must insist on half-truth, it’s not like i’m daniel day-lewis over here).

also any spotify playlist that has josé gonzález’s “heartbeats” — TO THE TRASH.

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