scenes out of town

Posted: November 26th, 2020 | No Comments »

had to go to some doctors in austin and used thanksgiving to make the journey. feel sheepish about the travel, but it is what it is. first time out of town since last march, right when we were starting to understand the gravity of the pandemic (but also not at all). since then, so much has happened:

  • got library job
  • got laid off from el cosmico
  • library job seemed to disappear
  • watched all of lost
  • got hired at the library
  • library director became city manager and named me de facto director (“the blind shall lead the blind”)
  • one coworker quit (in protest)
  • another coworker got COVID
  • we closed the library for two weeks
  • had to hire new person to replace the quitter
  • had to train a new part-time person (poorly)
  • will probably burn down the library

so anyway, it’s felt awesome to take a minute. stayed at the hotel san jose, and they spoiled me rotten, upgrading me, leaving me all these treats. i got takeout, laid in bed and watched harry potter, took a bath, went to bed at 10pm. the next day i went to the doctors, met my new beautiful niece, distance-saw pals, and ate fried rice leftovers. did old lady PBS stretching this morning. it was perfect.

also so far i’ve been to whole foods twice, spent so much money, but there are so many new and unknown flavors to try. what a dream.

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