best of list for 2020

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in addition to friends and family, highlights of my year:

  • Waxahatchee’s album saint cloud
  • stumptown’s holler mountain coffee — a gentle delight
  • strawberry kombucha
  • that miraculous mug i won from east fork pottery
  • suzy’s cookie donation fundraisers
  • suzy’s pavlova
  • getting a library job, i mean, what the actual hell
  • lovers rock
  • iMovie????? yes, iMovie
  • those excel spreadsheet by ny times writers, can’t find the link but perfect
  • ken leung on LOST, ok, and maybe other parts of LOST
  • binging i’m not okay with this with john and nancy
  • the production design on the queen’s gambit
  • the NBA (period)
  • frankie getting good reviews at the vet
  • all dogs
  • this craft, my crowning glory, will never top (see my ratty video of it here)
  • the book hog by greg pizzoli — get this one for any kid you know (under age five, maybe?)
  • you must remember this about polly platt, honestly, it should be on everyone’s best podcast list, sorry. i loved its hollywood secrets and glamour and cruelty and the endless struggle to stay relevant. also polly platt crashing with orson welles in his mansion in arizona (?!?!) is bonkers.
  • the mandalorian — against the odds! strangely relaxing and moving? it’s like the original star wars: kinda campy, bad acting, but also compelling in a deep way. wasn’t sold, then was sold.


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