let’s just get in bed

Posted: February 17th, 2021 | No Comments »
snowy marfa on my walk to work
marfa on my walk to work on thursday

this weather is so intense, and we’ve been SO LUCKY to have power this whole time, but i’ve been 100% worried about the library’s pipes exploding and today i volunteered to serve food at a warming center, since our grocery stores have been closed and what do you do if you have no power and no food and nowhere to buy it? anyway, it’s been a doozy and then there was a rumor today that everyone’s power was going to go off at 5pm and i realized on tuesday that i ordered the wrong textbook for school and there’s no way to get a copy in any kind of reasonable fashion and generally i have been blowing off all of my school work and today when the power didn’t go off at 5pm, i was like, THAT’S IT, i just have to CHILL and then ross came into my office:

ROSS: what are you doing in here?
ME: [deer caught in headlights]
ME: …blogging?

sometimes the truth is lame as hell. anyway, now i’m going to eat something and get in bed and not read for school and be so grateful for power and heat and music and friendship and some golden future when i can hippie dance to the grateful dead with dan.

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