literally thank god it’s friday

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oh my gosh thank you world for bringing me friday, even though my final project is due this weekend, which means a 0% chill weekend, so i can’t watch NBA or the shadow and bone series on netflix (i read the trilogy and thought it was good but kinda silly — but still FUN; i’m reading six of wolves when i can and already it’s way cooler TO BE HONEST), but even so, i am still praising the world for fridays, for loosening, for joan armatrading’s “down to zero,” and working alone at work in the community room. in related-ish news, i deep felt (ALL CAPS) this sad instagram post from leigh bardugo (who wrote shadow and bone) (which is why i was looking at her instagram) (RESEARCH, REAL RESEARCH). i am her 2010 self, just a sad sack washed out version of myself, no punk rock spirit, loose red face skin, no sparkle, dead dead dead, hair like an old crone, naysaying all day, not even connecting with people i love. i hate it! but that’s why i’m starting therapy again tomorrow. gotta get that fire back. GONNA get that fire back. also gross rude over-generalization, but sometimes i think some women in marfa can be a little demanding in this weird way. END SCENE

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