i could live on xanax???

Posted: September 21st, 2021 | No Comments »

i mean honestly i could? could i? i think so, right? or would i get used to it and have to just take 1000 pills. but honestly it really helps combat stress and makes me SLIGHTLY chiller [the two times i take it yearly]. instead, i’m staring at one of those giant cold/hot patches i bought, trying to figure out how to put it on my neck and back without accidentally placing it in my hair. IN OTHER BORING NEWS, today was a weird emo day, one coworker out sick, the other working from home (from emotional distress), so i was working alone, which is actually fine, but then WFH coworker came in and wanted to chat about the emotional distress, which gets ME frazzled cuz she just wants to talk like we’re relaxing on hammocks, but meanwhile i have one million things to do. later one of our nice board members brought me homemade strawberry sorbet (!) and this nice older gent came in and we talked about his home that he’d just sold where he and his first wife lived for 28 years (they were married for 44) and then she passed away and how life has its ups and downs but ultimately it’s beautiful.

(in other news, let’s be frank, are real estate agents on the slightly evil side of the spectrum? i can’t see how they’re helping gentrification issues exactly…though i know it’s more complex than that.)


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