omg my eyes

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why are my eyes so tired, all the time. in other news, i have a paper due tonight (light use of the word “paper”), but i’m only about 25% of the way done with it and it’s due in an hour, so — of course, a blog post. some things:

  • got a new fridge, and it’s surprisingly great? i weighed in none on the choice, besides saying that the wirecutter recommended LG fridges. our old fridge’s light no longer worked, so the new fridge’s working light feels like a BIG step up. also somehow the new fridge allows you to see everything IN the fridge? which honestly — also great.
  • we ALSO ordered a new couch — we sat on this couch once in someone’s apartment and felt like we landed on a cloud and immediately wrote to the apartment owner and said, WHAT IS THIS COUCH, WE MUST ACQUIRE. and she sent us the details but then we got scared and thought maybe it was too small and too white for us and additionally we had no money. but two years later, after looking at so many couches, we bought the tiny cloud couch. i honestly feel like flying with joy! it comes in december! by comes, i mean, ross has to drive to austin to pick it up.
  • i bought this tote bag today on a whim even though i have literally 800 tote bags but i’m VERY pleased. it does support a non-profit, if that makes it less stupid.

there’s more but i really have to write this dumb paper. i bid you all good night

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