what is fun?

Posted: November 3rd, 2021 | No Comments »

what is fun anymore? does this sound like a NY Mag essay? i went out with an old pal last night, but it was just like this: 😑 x 10, tbh. i’m glad i went but also no feelings of pleasure exactly. i did have fun watching free guy with ross the other weekend, but the time with the old pal was just…flat. but most everything is like that. is it covid, is it depression, is it loneliness, is it moi.


aka kind of a depressing list

  • watching basketball
  • getting in bed
  • sleeping in
  • maybe just sleep in general
  • playing with kids
  • being with ross
  • hanging with family
  • old friends
  • drinking fancy coffees
  • petting dogs
  • hitting the road
  • going to thrift stores
  • thinking about basketball

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