my skeleton burst into doves

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meant to capture this months ago — thank G for tabs-that-stay-open-five-months (WOOF) — but i loved cristina milioti’s favorite things, especially this bit:

6. Crossing over the Manhattan Bridge
I have lived in New York for a million years, and when I am in a taxi with the windows down rumbling over the Manhattan Bridge — and I can see the skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty — I can’t believe that I live there after all this time. I always stop everything I’m doing and I just stare out the window at the majesty of where I live, and that the city continues to run and thrive, and it’s been through so much and it holds so much. It’s like a little prayer.

i felt this in NYC, too — riding in a taxi (a rare treat), with the windows down, though it didn’t have to be over the manhattan bridge — you really got that surge of NYC beauty and possibility.

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