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  • first weekend off in a while and it’s heaven, i stayed in bed till 1pm. tomorrow i have to do laundry and clean A LOT and be a human, but today i woke up, ate some eggs, then fell back asleep while watching loki. i did finally put the sheets on the back bedroom, so it wasn’t a total wasteoid day.
  • been watching a lot of baseball and there is so much TRASH on tv. like just straight up TRASH. (using both bold and italic to emphasize my point)
  • also — this is a baby thought — but do professional sports loyalties lead us to divisive/nationalist/non-gray thinking? no proof of this obviously. plus, watching pro sports has saved me in many ways, though i’m a fairweather fan and maybe that’s the key?
  • in other trash news, i just bought this baby blue eyeliner and bright pink lipstick and i’m feeling great about it (see me once it arrives and i never use it). am i drowning my sorrows in purchasing? YOU BETCHA

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