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ridiculous. latest text exchange with crush #2. we are trying to figure out how to see each other before the year ends:

me: no i’ve got it! thanksgiving weekend: don’t leave till MONDAY.
him: what? nice idea. but i need a better one.
him: just cuz i like you.
me: we like each other!!!! (<– ed. note: it took me 30 minutes to write this)
him: nice. i still
have one drink with vance. u sleep well. xoxo. mwa.
me: make vance think of a solution! xo
him: ok

my heart was POUNDING at his “just cuz i like you” text, and then pounded and pounded while i wrote my response. and then that tepid “OK” zooms in and it’s like, oh jeez. WELL WHAT’S DONE IS DONE. in related, non-ironic news, i ordered my “risk it” buttons. and i’m gonna pin them on every GD thing that can be pinned.

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