hospital beds

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my mom rented a hospital bed for her recovery period. except we decided she should go ahead and sleep in her room, so i’m sleeping in it instead. fact: sleeping in a hospital bed when you don’t need one…kind of weird. i tried to normalize it by cranking up the head part and lying in it and eating TCBY yogurt and watching basketball, which is 65% working.

i read jennifer egan’s book, a visit from the goon squad, in two days, which i chalk up to a combo of easy read, short book, lots of time at the airport, lots of time at the hospital, and no special fast reading skill of my own. i folded down lots of pages that got me, essentially the entire chapter excerpted in the new yorker — “safari” — plus the “great rock and roll pauses” chapter, but here’s one great one:

There was a pause, during which Sasha was keenly aware of Coz [her therapist] behind her, waiting. She wanted badly to please him , to say something like It was a turning point; everything feels different now, or I called Lizzie and we made up finally, or I’ve picked up the harp again, or just I’m changing I’m changing I’m changing: I’ve changed! Redemption, transformation — God, how she wanted these things. Every day, every minute.

I’m changing I’m changing I’m changing: I’ve changed!


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