i am your favorite horse

Posted: June 8th, 2011 | No Comments »

right now i’m feeling shimmery on the inside, rejuvenated in some small way. i think it’s a combination of six things:

  1. getting to listen to new music for the last two hours of the day and it being my JOB (well, part of my job)
  2. watching steve’s movies online, especially “first sleigh ride”
  3. riding in gory’s truck, in the middle of the day, dropping off equipment for grizzly bear, driving around looking at the mountains and real estate and talking about music
  4. getting to see courtney, kathryn, ben, max, steve hely, and family this friday!!!!
  5. drawing before bed last night
  6. actually doing my tracy anderson leg exercises SEVEN-ISH days in a row.

in other news, a sad song, “no more workhorse blues,” by will oldham. just rediscovered it today in my music research.

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