me own face

Posted: June 20th, 2011 | No Comments »

lately i’m obsessed with my own face, i want to take pictures of it all the time. NOT BRAGGING. but it’s older looking, in some weird way, which is cool and startling and more startling. i think it’s a weird compulsion to document the change. this was a picture i was taking for DOGGELGANGER, but the internet didn’t work, so i couldn’t send it to myself, and therefore couldn’t see what dog looks like me. but excellent excuse to take dorky accidental-pursed-lips photos of myself.

in other news, i just bookmarked oprah’s website, prompted by googling something about facial hair and finding the article, “7 things nobody tells you about aging,” which made me feel a weird combo of relief/”oprah speak truth to power”/tenderness towards oprah/tenderness towards aging person facial hair.

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