dear sonic

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this is a screenshot from a commercial promoting the new double stuf oreo sonic blast blizzard thing from sonic.

that’s the ice cream on the left, the “oreo” on the right.

dear sonic ad department,
hi, here’s an idea, why not use an actual cute oreo suit, instead of a woman in a bodysuit of crushed oreos that looks like a very weird skin disease. thanks.


guatemalan visor

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yesterday marfa had a city-wide garage sale, and it was awesome, i got a bunch of nothing much, excepting a guatemalan visor (see photo) and a wrangler shirt for hazel and a scarlett o’hara dress for three-year-old olive. everyone was like, “why are you looking at kids’ clothes so much” and i tried to explain that lots of my best friends have kids but then got bored of explaining and started saying, “hedging my bets.” but seriously what’s the crime in a 36-year-old childless woman casually inspecting a pair of pink checkered toddler overalls.

a new day

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i had a big dumb argument with ross on thursday night, where i suggested we break up, even though i’m completely in love with him, but i’m so fundamentally scared and insecure that i panic whenever there’s a little divide. we talked it out but it left me feeling sad about the state of ME and my flaws (too sensitive, insecure, no faith), and i made a committment to talk to that therapist again, even though it’s too expensive, and also made some resolutions (settle down, have faith, no more breakup talk, go easy on myself), and decided i needed a soul/mind cleansing exercise, so i woke up yesterday at 5:30 am to do leg exercises and then walk to the highest point in town (not that high) (10% incline for 5 minutes) to watch the sunrise. possibly the first time i think i’ve intentionally watched a sunrise? had to heft myself up a wall for the best view, which made me feel very exxxtreme, and when a middle-aged mom lady walked by and said, “how did you get up there?!,” i was like, I AM TOTALLY EXTREME.

i expected the sunrise to be like angels singing, like the world cracking open, which is not really how it was. it was much more mild and gentle. in the best possible way.

in my villa

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sleepy morning old person in housesitting villa.

forever a screaming teenager

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“It’s my theory that rock and roll happens between fans and stars, rather than between listeners and musicians—that you have to be a screaming teenager, at least in your heart, to know what’s going on.”

ellen willis, music critic

(i don’t actually agree with the fans/stars dichotomy, just the screaming teenager part.)

latest email from my dad

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