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two leo horoscopes for january.


Welcome, Leo. Be bold about what you want and who you are. Be bold about your commitment to life, to your relationships, to your family and whatever you think of as your tribe. Attend to the details of life as necessary, work your way through any minor setbacks, and proceed forward — something real is about to happen…


now is the time to clear up any lingering secrets you may be keeping from someone, which would include withholds or convenient misunderstandings. what you reveal now will server the purpose of healing, while what you delay or avoid discussing will have undue power to cause problems in the future. you may be in a situation where you are discovering so much about yourself that you haven’t said that you don’t know what to include in the conversation. i suggest beginning with any withholds that you’re aware of as such or clarifying any known misunderstandings created by how you’ve presented yourself in the past. you know the time has come to live more transparently. what is nice about the current moment is that others are well poised to get used to that idea.

the best part: Welcome, Leo.

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