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from rebecca mead’s great article about neil degrasse tyson, “starman” (big thanks to steve hely):

In early January, the American Astronomical Society held its annual meeting, in Washington, D.C. Tyson was scheduled to give an evening presentation, “Tales from the Twitterverse & Other Media Excursions.” … Tyson talked for an hour and a half; then, as as technicians tried to clear the room, he kept talking, without amplification, to more than a hundred audience members, who mobbed him at the edge of the stage. After a while, a conference organizer walked onstage to drag him off to a reception for which he was already late. Tyson broke into a moonwalk, to roars of approval. “You’re all astronomers–learn to moonwalk!” he said. “You’ll need it one day!”

(via the new yorker blog)

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