it swings like fuck

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Robert Wyatt
Photo by Alfie Wyatt

robert wyatt discussing his influences:

Miles Davis: Ascenseur pour l’échafaud Soundtrack
I used to listen to jazz records and tap along on a table with sticks and rolled up newspapers. I would listen to Kenny Clarke play really fast brushes on the Ascenseur pour léchafaud soundtrack and think, “This is heavenly.” It’s much more alive and interesting than pop drumming. It swings like fuck.

fun to the tenth power

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more crazy awesome oprah talk, via the cut:

Oprah developed a line of tea, just for you, at Starbucks. It’s called the Teavana Oprah Chai. Will it be the coziest, most soul-warming hug of a cup of tea you have ever encountered? Without a doubt.

Anyway, Starbucks will sell Oprah tea starting on April 29, and the proceeds will go to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. She calls making her own tea blend “a unique opportunity and fun to the tenth power.”

dumb and cool things so far this week

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  • bringing ross’s dog clyde to cochineal to sit outside with us last night. DISASTER
  • work
  • man sexism


  • hot showers
  • clean sheets
  • possibly getting someone to clean my house next week (one time only)
  • talking to todd about work freedom and this book
  • medea playing at cinemarfa this year
  • possibility of working from austin for a week in april ! ! ! ! (not happening) (but promise was exciting)


mayonnaise, ranch dressing, butter pickles

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this is a great grub street interview with kristen kish:

“I did a shot of bourbon and a shot of Fernet, and I shot-gunned a High Life tall boy, and then it got a little foggy.”Photo: Melissa Hom

My girlfriend makes the best eggs: normal scrambled eggs, but using beautiful farm eggs. We had those eggs with shitty Kraft cheese, an ass-ton of butter, and Sriracha. And then she made monkey bread out of Pillsbury biscuits with cinnamon, sugar, and probably eight tons of butter. They essentially fry themselves in the casserole dish. Delicious. We also had pickles and beautiful Niman Ranch bacon. And, of course, you have to celebrate Sunday brunch with Champagne.

My girlfriend and I went grocery shopping that night. She’s much healthier than I am, so her stuff was hummus and fresh vegetables. And my basket was thick bread, packaged salami, Kraft singles, mayonnaise, ranch dressing, spicy chips, and butter pickles. As a snack, I bought Frito twists in the Honey BBQ flavor and ate them while we were grocery shopping.

when what i know outside the sound

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via mark richardson:

Miles Davis doing his version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”, from his 1985 album You’re Under Arrest. A few things very interesting about this recording to me. One, I’ve always thought this was an amazing song and obviously I’m not alone. It’s clearly something very special. And I actually like this Miles Davis version quite a bit. But I also think if I was in a Walgreens and this came over the P.A. and I heard it for the first time, I very much doubt that I would think to myself “This is a unique rendition of a latter-day pop classic by one of the great artists of the 20th century.” Instead, it would probably sound like Muzak. In other words, the thing that first gets me interested in this is that it’s by Miles Davis. Once I know that, I can start thinking about how he plays the changes and alters the melody and about the melancholy of his pinched tone. Always gets me thinking when what I know outside the sound is so important to how I experience the sound.

real legs / future chill zone vibes

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LAUREN HUTTON(via apiece apart)

dial it down

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good advice, via aminatou, via frank chimero:

So what should you expect from yourself? Not much and everything, I guess. But what do I know? I haven’t solved any of life’s deep mysteries; I’m just a dumb 30-year-old monkey in pants, so I only know how to help myself feel good about my day to day. Most of the time when I give advice, I’m unconsciously doing a poor imitation of my mom, which is fitting, because she was probably the wisest person I’ve ever met. She’d say: be kind to yourself and others, and smile if you’re able. Take care of the people you love, and try to make yourself known and understood. Dial it down, work with your hands, keep it quiet, and share what you know.

a few things

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things today:

  • weird juju in the office today
  • realizing that i like being out of the office more than i like being in it
  • this weekend i got to be around at least two non-old cool people with salt and pepper hair. !!!!!!  what a treat!
  • new shirt or tote bag i’m going to make, inspired by future islands:



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Jaleeeesa! a good bit from nick kroll at nymag:

Amy Poehler was on an episode earlier this season, playing Jon Daly’s brother in “Rich Dicks.” Is this the first time you’ve worked with someone you’re dating?
I dated Barry Manilow for a few years and was in a few of his videos. And also was very seriously dating Jaleesa on A Different World — when I was dating her I appeared on a few episodes as Sinbad’s fry cook, working in the cafeteria. So I have some experience with it.

maybe the best thing i have ever bought

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sweet cloud