freedom is wealth

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interview with designer jesse kamm. this is what i’m searching for:

You live a self-made life. Can you share more about your perspective on prioritizing the life you want, even if it is outside of what is “typical”?
I think some people believe I have this “luxurious” life, where I design an expensive womenswear line part of the year, and then traipse off to some far away land and drink piña coladas all summer. This is not the case. I am committed to my work, and to my lifestyle. In my work, I am committed to using fine and sturdy fabrics in my collection, because I want the pieces to last a very long time. I am committed to making everything in the USA, because it is important to me to support my community. In my life, I know that I deserve to be a sane person, and I do not want to take anxiety medication to survive my year. I know that I need time away to be sane, so I take it. Not because I am spoiled, but because I value my existence as a happy, balanced person. Everyone deserves this.

“My life is luxurious, but not in the way most people see luxury. It is luxurious because I have freedom, and for me, freedom is wealth.”

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