nothing is promised

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more from roxane gay (bolding my own):

The psychic encounter was fascinating, affirming. She told me to basically stay the course I am on, which I was already going to do, but she had lots of smart, wise advice and showed me some things I do that I should stop doing because they are futile. This is all sort of vague but regardless, I tried something new. It was interesting. Nothing is promised, no matter what spirituality you believe in. I guess that’s how faith works. You believe despite every reason you shouldn’t. You believe even when it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. You believe because you want to. You make that choice. I am finally starting to understand faith after so many years of having none.

i had a phone call with a shaman last night (!!!!!) — i’m a hippie, i guess. or at least someone who is searching. it was cool and intense and she said that i had a big BITE taken out of “my book of life” two years ago (!) (truly, i is a hippie). but it’s true. something happened to me two years ago — all the confidence leeched out of me (or maybe was eaten in a big hulking bite) (maybe it was this moment? or this one?). i feel so much less brave. but i’m going to change that.

also i’m thinking about this notion of faith — “you believe because you want to. You make that choice” — in regard to ross and our relationship. there are many reasons why ross and i shouldn’t work (he thrives in marfa; i am struggling; he is an extrovert; i am a deep introvert [a new development?]), but deep in my bones i feel a real serious great joyful communion with him. so i guess i am making that choice to just believe in that, despite the complications (and stresses) on the surface, “despite every reason you shouldn’t.”

is this heaven

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from roxane gay:

I went to a psychic recently. I didn’t think it was my thing but anyway, for reasons, there I was in this new age shop that was so new age and everyone was friendly and had flowing hair and flowing skirts and peasant shirts and they were maybe braless and smiling all the time, and it was confusing. Is this heaven, I wondered.

latest google search

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a good poster

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munoz + salehi

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moniz!Energy Secretary Ernest J. Moniz (Fabrice Coffrini / Agence France-Presse — Getty Images, courtesy of NY Times)

have been fascinated by two players in the iran talks — ernest j. moniz, the US secretary of energy, and Ali Akbar Salehi, who oversees iran’s nuclear program — who emerged as “their countries’ No. 2 negotiators, a pair of atomic diplomats taking on the vast technical issues that lie beneath the political disagreements.” the two men share a bond — moniz taught at MIT at the same time that salehi was working on his  dissertation there. i love the idea of the two scientists cutting through politics and using science (and shared experience) as the foundation for diplomacy. and i loved this:

But when Mr. Salehi, who got his nuclear training at M.I.T. before the Iranian revolution, showed up and developed a rapport with Mr. Moniz, the secretary of energy and a former chairman of the M.I.T. physics department, the Iranian bureaucrats were often sidelined, or overruled. (Mr. Moniz played the connection to the hilt, showing up one day with M.I.T.-logo baby gifts for Mr. Salehi’s first grandchild.)

also straight shout out to moniz’s hair (solid). read more here and here.

salehi! Mr. Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. Credit: Ebrahim Noroozi/Associated Press



catching up

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catching up lightly on helytimes (new steez at work is to watch documentaries in the background, on headphones, so therefore am trying to watch the robert e. lee doc steve recommended RIGHT NOW) (the truth is i just did this once and only halfway and not terribly successfully, as i couldn’t really WATCH the documentary, i could only listen, and very sporadically) (so when i say “new steez,” i mean “something i have unsuccessfully tried once”). anyway, catching up on helytimes and liked this:

As for naming schools after him [robert e. lee]?  Sure — maybe it’s a good lesson about how you can have some amazing qualities but be wrong about the most important things of your age.  Kids can be reminded every day to ask “what might I be wrong about? what are we ALL wrong about?”

But also who cares?  We can and should change our heroes as time goes on.  Name it after the next guy.  Name all those schools after Harriet Tubman or Sally Ride.  Or Francis Perkins or Bayard Rustin.

both points so good. love the idea of reassessing one’s self just based on the school’s name: every day being thoughtful, connecting to, and questioning. but also love moving into the future and embracing all the new (old) heroes, like harriet tubman, my childhood hero.

this made me laugh

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have not read any further than headline and photo:

hely times!!!!

i woman it!

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martha stewart on into the gloss (bolding my own):

My days are extremely busy. Right now, I’m focusing on expanding the Martha Stewart business internationally, which takes a lot of time, effort, concentration, and a lot of travel. … So there’s that, and gardening season is just about to start, so I’ve been ordering all of my plants and seeds and getting ready to plant three gardens in Bedford and East Hampton, New York, and Maine. Even with everything else going on, I still like to take care of those. I manage it all—I woman it!

(is she coining a new verb here? or is this a play on words. or is this a meme that has existed for a 1000 years and i am just behind. any which way, i approve. i woman it!)

my own personal letter of recommendation

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my own personal, much-shorter letter of recommendation: neon pink sharpies. truly the best way to take non-intense, non-private notes.

in other news, i was taking a bath this morning and our plant fell off the window sill and right into the bath with me. TRUE STORY

what happened miss simone?

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the saddest documentary. first heard this song in stealing beauty back in 1996.