new life

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trying to enjoy contract work by only working/stressing about work for 10 hours a day. the rest of the time: researching new ice cream flavors; thinking about how to get to grocery store and buy said new ice cream flavors; figuring out what to do with the existing ice cream flavors in freezer (basically 98% full); planning to watch the social network tonight; reading lots of articles half-way; thinking about all those smoldering looks in far from the madding crowd; thinking about that guy in far from the madding crowd; thinking about that lady in the alamo scene of pee-wee’s big adventure.


flirting is shining your inner light

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from the amazing drunk ted talk, “Love in the Time of LOLera: How to make your flirting go viral” by alana levinson

How does one show personality in the beginning stages of courtship?


(If you didn’t come to this answer rather quickly, I’m worried about you).

But just “flirting” is not enough. Let’s go back to the experts over at Yahoo Answers, who never fail as a second-rate WebMD for emotional handicaps:

Try to ignore the fact that the person asking this question spelled “girl” wrong, and focus on the response. I’m a big fan of the idea that flirting is “shining your inner light.”

these marni shoes

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orifeat_large(courtesy maryam nassir zadeh)

been going down email memory lane

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maybe it’s because i’m in houston but i’ve been going down the email search rabbit hole and GUYS i was a total idiot about all things for so long and probably still am partially an idiot (the human condition?).  i was reading about some of my romances in portland (romances being extremely loose for “some text exchanges” or “one night makeouts” or “misguided flirtations” or “7-month relationships that meant literally nothing and had literally zero communion”) and just like, OH MY LORD GIRL. the blandness i put up with. how much i squished down. how FRETFUL i was about everything. how little i revealed of my true self in an effort to have a connection. replying to lame text messages, worrying about texts, always giving someone the benefit of the doubt, when they never even deserved it, when they didn’t even give one real care. i am glad that i recorded all of it, in a way, because i want to tell girls these days: PUT UP WITH NOTHING! ASK FOR EVERYTHING! DON’T BE SHY AND DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT. LONELINESS MAY NOT EVEN BE A THING, IF YOU HAVE GREAT FRIENDS.

if i had to make a break up painting, i would have one that says “i feel like your kindness comes through a filter.” (actually said to me, by this guy! who blew me off on multiple occasions! like please come on wth you are kidding right)

maybe…i should come back another time

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chilling out more or less permanently

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Sweeney Sisters’ “Bells Medley”

all hail jan hooks. one of my all-time faves, always wondered why she wasn’t around more:

Although she kept a small apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, most of Jan’s final years were spent in Bearsville, New York, a tiny hamlet within the town of Woodstock, where she bought a shabby 130-year-old farmhouse on 66 acres in the late ’90s, and which became her refuge. There, she watched and rewatched terrible old films (the worse, the better — she loved, for instance, The Oscar, featuring Frank Sinatra), drank untold gallons of Robert Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc (nicknamed Bobby Mo), rode her albino horse (also named Bobby Mo), and puttered around the property as her dark green 1983 Jaguar sat rotting in the garage. Two German shepherds, Frank and Kitty, kept her company until they died. An unabashed smoker, she purchased boxes of her favorite brand, Merit, on the cheap in neighboring Pennsylvania. .. Tom Chase, a Bearsville native who became Jan’s handyman and good friend, says she arrived there with the intention of chilling out more or less permanently, and working only enough to maintain her health insurance through the Screen Actors Guild.

things i could do without

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they just little towels that fall down

when the leaves filled up, doves were added

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from “the lonely death of george bell”:

 Credit Josh Haner/The New York Times Credit Josh Haner/The New York Times

Some 40,000 cremains were stored at the columbarium, almost all of them tucked into handsome individual wall niches, viewable through glass. Downstairs was a storage area near the bathrooms with a bronze tree affixed to the door. This was the Community Tree. Behind the door cremains were stacked up and stored out of sight. The budget alternative. Names were etched on the tree leaves. Some time ago, when the leaves filled up, doves were added.

Several days after the cremation, the superintendent stacked an urn shaped like a small shoe box inside the storage area. Then he nailed a metal dove, wings spread, above the right edge of the tree. It identified the new addition: “George M. Bell Jr. 1942-2014.”

been thinking about this a lot

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and how life is just happening. and how my life is sort of discombobulated in the big picture right now, but the little moments are so rich. from cup of jo’s interview with ruth reichl:

Part of what I learned this year is that we tend to waste our lives waiting for big moments, and there is a lot of joy to be found in small moments. To me, that’s the secret of life.


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amazing leo horoscope, courtesy of courtney / funny or die bathroom:

courtesy of courtney