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just straight lovin theg bloop holiday gift guide. first i love when people say “don’t tread on me,” especially in relation to alcohol. second, one time carolyn and i joked about getting a limo to pick me up at the austin airport and that i should then drive around alone in said limo drinking hennessy. 2016 resolution: drink more hennessy:

You’re a fool if you’re paying airline prices for the shitty “cocktails” they serve on board. Carry on cocktail is the only way to live life. If only Obama would keep his campaign promise to make a henny version of this. TSA tried to give me problems because I was carrying 7 of these bad boys on a recent flight [do you know how far Hawaii is?] but THANK GOODNESS YA GIRL IS WOKE ENOUGH TO KNOW IT’S YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY AS MANY LIQUIDS AS YOU WANT AS LONG AS THEY’RE UNDER 3.4 OUNCES. Don’t tread on me. I know my rights. PS how much do you want to bet Jenna will include henny in her list?

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