made with real hawaiian punch

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IMG_4679for the record, they taste like plastic (delicious, hawaiian-punch tinged plastic)

good things

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  • whole milk
  • iced coffee that is really just coffee flavored whole milk
  • dave’s killer bread
  • nina simone, always
  • butter
  • blankets
  • reading cloudy with a chance for meatballs to levi #2
  • researching being a programmer or children’s librarian (only researching, slowly)
  • yoga camp, yoga in general, oh man i’m a goof now but for 20 minutes every day i feel like i have my head on straight. i’m not particularly more flexible or leaner or stronger, but still: g-bless yoga camp and yoga with adriene

is that search universal

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from the new york times discussion between writers alice walker and colm toibin, “Alice Walker and Colm Toibin, The Trail of Their Words”:

Philip Galanes: Both of you are pretty dedicated nomads.

Alice Walker: I am a devout wanderer.

PG: And so are the heroines in your novels, searching for a safe home in the world. Alice’s Celie is raped and beaten down by men in positions of trust, and Colm’s Eilis is torn by homesickness, always longing for the place she isn’t. Is that search universal?

beautiful mugs

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1090D1020A 1089A from bddw

best radio station

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new orleans’ wwoz!

“guardians of the groove”

cool way to start the day: raging immediate fight with ross.


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gloria vanderbilt is anderson cooper’s mother?! so it seems (plus new kenneth lonergan movie!!!):

Nothing Left Unsaid
Vulture Jada has long been fascinated by famed socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, ever since she interviewed her in 2009 for an erotic novel Vanderbilt wrote in her late 80s. Now, at 91, Vanderbilt’s taking questions from her famous son — CNN’s Anderson Cooper — in a documentary by Oscar-nominated director Liz Garbus (What Happened, Miss Simone?). One can only hope it details Vanderbilt’s affairs with the likes of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, as well as her four marriages — one to director Sidney Lumet. Truly, a Wasp for the ages.

smart idea

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tea baggggg

using tea bags more than once: CHECK

getting a free tea bag from a friend when you stop by for a meeting (“oh is this tea good? could i try it?”): CHECK CHECK

Interesting name for a conference room 

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very annoying day

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just have to say: DUMB DAY. why does it seem there are always super-urgent deadlines the day i’m leaving for vacation or the day after. or two days after. there’s never a time when it’s like, cool, chill on that vacation, don’t frantically check your email every second on the road to el paso and then once you land and then also throughout your trip. so like, that’s cool. also been thinking about this — just really do NOT want to operate in the workplace in a masculine way. i want to hold on to the ways in which — traditionally — stereotypically — women navigate and operate. keep the kindness, maybe lose the fragility, be confident. i guess i used to think i had to act like a man to make it all work, cuz shit was so bananas and i was always getting snapped at by dumb men, but i don’t think it’s better to lose the round edges. it’s worse to get hard. kindness always, i think. is this what lean in is all about?


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good advice for when you are dealing with bullshit, within an ultimately rewarding job. from tanner woodford, the co-founder, chairman, and executive director of the Chicago Design Museum, in interview with sonnenzimmer (whose design work is amazing):

TW: The Chicago Design Museum is the funnest and most gratifying thing I’ve ever been a part of. That said, getting an independent non-profit off the ground can be really fucking frustrating in ways I never considered. It’s sort of like when you do manual labor for a day, and discover a muscle you never knew you had because it hurts like hell the next day. With a big project like this, the pain can be physical, cognitive, emotional, or unexpectedly absent, often simultaneously. It’s a great conduit for making a person have feelings. Whenever I need to walk it off, I think about all of the people that have put time, energy, money, and love into this gallery.