trying to catch up on everything

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this was me during the festival: note the two ski tracks between my eyes; them is permanent. now i’m trying to catch up and comb through all the things that struck up my interest and read and catch up cuz shortly i have to figure out the future: what next?! what is next?! accepting answers [i.e., begging for answers]. april and possibly, hopefully, may/june is freelance production work, then…GAPING MAW OF DARKNESS.

INTERESTS: friends; babies; drawing; reading; reading to kids; doing non-good yoga; watching movies; writing my blog; reading internet stuff; feminism; job equality; hospitality; being a good boss; being good to people; kindness; sustainability; libraries; helping musicians make dreams come true, but only on the very top level; listening to grown up rock and roll; listening to scuzzy punk rock and roll; being good at things; rain.

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