malerie marder

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went to this opening last night — i was just going to pop in for a sec, but i walked in and it was a photography show and i was like, whoa this artist’s name — malerie marder —  is DEEPLY familiar. it turned out marder was in this harper’s bazaar article from 2000 about 6 female photographers that i ripped out and had taped to my wall for YEARS. i was just deeply inspired by these female artists doing it and living it and being cool as hell — it was like the embodiment of everything i wanted in my life. not that i wanted to be a photographer — i just felt like they were what i wanted to be — just style and career and ownership and attitude and everything. like they just KNEW themselves.

found the original article in my scrapbook boxes when i got home. it looks so dated now, plus heavy white, but it was powerful back then.

anyway, meeting marder 16 years later felt emo and cool and like a sign from the universe (not sure what the sign was but just like: KEEP GOING FOR IT???? everything is not false? dreams come true? life is messy? don’t give in? there are no answers? the road is long)

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