a dam fucking shity basterd!

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good things:

  • practicing wearing hats in the privacy of one’s own home
  • listening to “both sides now” on repeat
  • clyde in his bandanna
  • pat keesey telling us about winning a national trombone competition when he was 12 despite having unusual trombone playing style (he played out of the side of his mouth) — some of the judges tsk-tsked his unorthodox technique, but one of the judges — art farmer — said, don’t worry about it (pat later quit due to a bad band teacher)
  • lip balm
  • water
  • the sexual fluidity of millennials or whatever 24/25-year-olds are called
  • one glass of chardonnay + a heating pad + the office (sounds depressing but the heating pad is just a stand-in for a bathtub, basically) (so like, picture me watching the office and drinking chardonnay in the bathtub — much more upper class)
  • courtney’s diary from elementary school. like this page from 11/28/83. just a reminder — we were nine in 1983. at that time i still believed in santa claus.

courtney's incredible diary


is that the way you said it?

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photo of katharine hepburn and dick cavett. courtesy of open culture

dick cavett, what a gent. from his interview with seth meyers:

Cavett: There’s not much worse than a “plug-ola guest” who is so tired that he tells the same story he just told the segment before, with one eyelid drooping down to here. The best at repeating himself was Gore Vidal, because his delivery was so delicious you didn’t mind hearing something a second time. The great moment for me on the Hepburn show was when I decided to poke her a bit. I said, “Do you remember me as an actor?” And she just stopped and said, “I’ve been told I should.” I said, “We were in a play together. Stratford, Connecticut, ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ I had one line: ‘Gentlemen, my master Antonio is at his house, and desires to speak with you both.’ ” She looked at me and said, “Is that the way you said it?” It was one of the longest laughs I didn’t get.

did you know that dick cavett had a romance with janis joplin? (or so implies this documentary)

both sides now

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dan suggested i have judy collins play my wedding. going to investigate. the only worry is sobbing through entire ceremony. originally was going to post judy’s version of “both sides now” but am more fond of joni’s these days.

update: so fond of joni’s version that i have already posted it on the blog


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sam shepard

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(courtesy of sam-shepard.com)

watched baby boom on hbo as background calm juice, a movie i loved as a tween, cuz it is pretty innocent and romantic, while being non-threatening, while also being feminist and country-living-positive (i had a subscription to country living in middle school) (!!!!!???!), so yes a perfect film for a dreamy nerdy country loving 12-year-old. anyway, it doesn’t really hold up, but DANG sam shepard.


having great dinner conversations in a unique place

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 Rachel Comey. Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey. Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Comey

oh i love her. and this is the exact question that is floating in my head while starting to [kind of] plan my wedding:

As she [designer Rachel Comey] started to get her footing and switched to women’s design, Comey began holding traditional runway shows. But there was one problem, she says. “I really didn’t feel like I was connecting with the people who came at all. I thought to myself, What is the thing that I enjoy? Having great dinner conversations in a unique place.

weirdest thing i did this weekend

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downloaded the FEMA app

a secret prepper