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listening to this record while lying on the bed at ross’s parents’ house in santa fe. santa fe — you’re too sunny by 1000, but i love you 4 rill.


in other news, i weirdly love gift guides and realized i should have written one this year, but i thought of it way too late, but in case you want to get a headstart on 2018, here are a few juicy ideas:

  1. ayurvedic bath soaks
    the packaging is very A+, i ordered for my mom, though i was confused about what i was actually ordering and haven’t seen them in person yet
  2. these baggu nylon bags
    i ordered this for my mom, and full disclosure, one for myself!!!!! approve!!!!!
  3. clarins body tonic,
    it LEGITIMATELY makes you smell like a spa
  4. i was very intrigued by this shower cap, but very narrow gift audience
  5. plants!
  6. this farmhouse pitcher is pretty, but prob only good for pitcher heads
  7. this cuff is the bomb, if you want to spend mad dough


ok now to my highlights of the year. it was a strange, wonderful, fulfilling year. like a molting. in no particular order:

  • getting married
  • buying a g-d house, WHOA
  • bachelorette party
  • best pals around the country
  • best family around the country
  • best pals making that amazing “smooth” lip sync video for ross and me
  • taking the gre and getting perfect score on verbal — STRAIGHT UP BRAG, but i’m so old and i worked so hard and also do not ask me about my math score
  • getting in to all three grad schools i applied to — even more brag!!!!!! but see above and straight truth, none were ivy league big daddies, so whatever
  • GOING FOR A DREAM! like, just working hard and seeing it through even though it is scary and daunting and maybe a fool’s errand and will libraries even exist and i guess we’ll see how it goes
  • that awesome hotel in charleston on our honeymoon — the rain, the champagne, the sleep machine, all the dimmers, what a great spot
  • hanging out in new orleans on our honeymoon
  • the andy warhol museum in pittsburgh
  • pittsburgh in general
  • those mansions in newport, rhode island! holy wow!
  • seeing the total eclipse with dan chambo
  • my peach ulla johnson jumpsuit
  • getting to try la mer for my wedding (!!!!) (worth the hype? no idea, but fun to be so radically indulgent)
  • my brother having a baby! she doesn’t love me yet, but she just might one day
  • levi and eero cashiola, what joy to be around littles on the regular
  • yoga with adriene’s total body yoga/deep stretch and yoga for zombies, both A+++++ yoga vidz with long lasting bennys (at least i have convinced myself of this)
  • teaching art to littles at the elementary school, it was so hard but so cool (also a good reminder to remember people’s intentions, always)
  • lady bird
  • seeing lady bird alone at alamo drafthouse and just making it in time
  • stranger things, not perfect but so so enjoyable
  • brooklyn 99
  • benicio del toro in latest star wars
  • this whole hilarious post about phantom of the opera by regarding, a 1000 laughing emojis
  • starting my daily gratitude journal again
  • learning that the breeziest strategy with inlaws is just to do whatever they want!!!!!
  • reminiscing about portland times and how wild and fun and truly great they were


  • my two train track wrinkles getting deeper every day
  • realizing i have complicated relationships with people in marfa — no besties, plus i seem to disappoint folks here, which is a bummer. is it because i’m old and tired and have two train track wrinkles on my forehead and sometimes my lips feel like they’re dry melting off my face? (literally sometimes i’m like, do i even HAVE lips anymore?) or is it because i’m less open? or just tired of bullshit? i had a dumb thing happen right before christmas, where i think this friend is disowning me, and it made me sad, but also not that sad, but also sad, cuz am i an old closed freak who is a lame friend to young people?!!?!?
  • all of the dumb sound effects and jokey intros and frippery frap on radiolab’s more perfect podcast, which are sort of ruining the really good supreme court constitutional content

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