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brooks headley, who is photographer tho?

brooks headley / photographer unknown (to me). via the creative independent.

completely dug this interview with — and sensibility of — chef, restaurateur, and punk rock drummer brooks headley (of superiority burger, which is famous for its veggie burger) (in the interview, he calls veggie burgers “kind of dumb”) (!!!) (also he plays music with mick barr, who is awesome, who played for ballroom):

That led to opening up Superiority Burger, which also has to do a lot with the complete bummed-outedness of working in a fancy restaurant for so long, where you are only cooking for really wealthy people. That had always been an issue for me the whole time I’d done it.

We really wanted to show that this is this place where anybody can eat. You can come and spend $6.53 and get a burger, or you can spend 50 bucks and get a whole big plate of food that would be enough for several people. There’s absolutely no elitism of any kind involved with this. I’m working 90 hours a week to make sure that we have the coolest, most delicious food that we can sell for as cheaply as we possibly can.

i guess this is where my frustration began, too — seeing the lack of access for people. wanting to be part of something that was fundamentally open to everyone.

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