let’s not give the instructions

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david bowie and dick cavett on the dick cavett show, 1974

THE DICK CAVETT SHOW – 11/6/74, David Bowie chatting with host Dick Cavett. (Photo by Ann Limongello/ABC via Getty Images, via huffingtonpost.com)

dick cavett, one of a kind:

Mr. Cavett’s wide-eyed Everyman schtick worked wonders when introducing to a heartland audience a jittery, cane-wielding David Bowie in a 1974 show in which Mr. Bowie rattled on about “black noise,” a concept promoted by the subversive novelist William Burroughs about a hypothetical sonic frequency that is effectively a “noise bomb,” with which “you can crack a city or people.”

“Let’s not give the instructions,” Mr. Cavett said, barely containing a smile.

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