imma start singing so many blessings over so many people

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Illustration by Adrian Forrow

Illustration by Adrian Forrow

from Gina Ciliberto’s “What a Group of Progressive Nuns Taught Me About Mindful Eating”:

At bigger, more formal dinners, the sisters pray aloud for everyone who grew, harvested, transported, and cooked the food before they eat. Though praying for a litany of souls is customary for Catholics, this specific ritual takes at least five minutes, during which time the food is getting cold. It always seemed to me that when one says a very generic prayer before eating, God understands that it includes pickers, growers, transporters, recipe-writers, servers, cooks, etc. Once I have hot food in front of me, I want to go at it. The sisters, contrarily, wait patiently with their heads bowed. Then, at the end of the meal, they call out the kitchen and serving staff to applaud them and sing a blessing over them.

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