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hi guys, i’m still here! still always wanting to post but having trouble juggling a full-time job and school and cleaning and laundry and dogs and having three sets of houseguests in one month. some boring things:

  • ross fixed the hot water in the bathroom, so i can take baths for the first time in a year, and it is heaven!
  • supposed to be working on my school assignment but rewatching isle of dogs
  • courtney inexplicably, incredibly gave me a six-month subscription to this thing called universal yums, where they send snacks from other countries, and honestly, it is the coolest, best present, especially for new flavor/snack lovers like myself. first month was germany! couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, also everyone prepare to be gifted universal yums
  • these leaders in virginia who wore blackface: i’m like, WTF? like seriously: WTF. but WTF in red and 3000 point font with blood dripping off the letters. how can this even still be happening? after all these years. how long does it take to scrub evil from humans. can you?


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