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  • loving the marfa public radio music show archives (specifically the other side of nowhere, night train, and rock pillow)
  • watched bohemian rhapsody last night, mixed bag, but overall enjoyed and found it quite sad — that old motherfucker of fame ≠ happiness. plus rami malek is incredible in it, and the guy who plays brian may — so genial.
  • watching a movie with ross on a saturday night = AWESOMENESS
  • not entirely buying the CBD trend but i tried one of these bath bombs and i was NOT sad
  • still have end goal of being a total stoner — step one, start smoking marijuana
  • enjoying the new job, though it’s complicated in regard to humility and past accomplishments and backsliding and ego, BUT what is all that, really? bullshit, folks! see bohemian rhapsody and garry shandling for proof. but very stoked on health insurance, 401k, free shift drinks (!!!!!), and trying to make mail order customers’ dreams come true (already cried twice about sweet orders intended for people going through hard times) (commerce is complicated but can be beautiful?)

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