and always nina

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recommendations from taylor mac’s creative independent interview:

And always Nina Simone. Always Nina.

That video of her doing “Feelings”? Oh god, it’s so good. That cheesy song and she makes it just the most profound thing ever. And investing all of her heart and she’s not judging it. That’s the thing I love about it that I wish artists and audiences would understand more—the profundity isn’t the job of the writer, the profundity is the job of the audience and the performer. She didn’t judge the material, she didn’t expect the material to change for her, she changed for the material. She understood that somebody had to go through some serious heartbreak to write a song that suggests that they want to live without feelings. She went hunting for the profundity instead of expecting the profundity to be fed to her. That’s what I think audiences don’t understand about theater. They’ve been trained to expect it to be handed to them instead of understanding that they have come to do the work and to be collaborators. That’s what we try to do with 24 Decades—to inspire people to engage in a perpetual consideration as opposed to simple decision making of “I like it, I dislike it.”

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