for when i tried to jump

Posted: May 30th, 2020 | No Comments »

from paul ford’s very awesome newsletter, “I’m Absolutely Going to Bail on This in a Month”:

Further along the span of the [Manhattan] bridge I saw a bouquet of flowers, left against the railing. Usually these are memorials and I hurry past. Ghost bikes, memorials, plaques, and murals—if you’re not cautious the entire city becomes a graveyard. But then I saw this bouquet had a letter on top, addressed to, “For when I tried to jump.” The air went out of me. But soon joy rushed back in.

Celebrate with me, just a moment, something good and alive that we may never understand, one decision out of seven billion—this stranger leaving the flowers, then walking away from their envelope, hands empty, as light as the wind off the river.

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