i guess i’m a little on edge

Posted: October 9th, 2020 | No Comments »

so THIS is cool — i almost got in a mask fight last night with ross’s uncle? he basically shamed me for keeping my mask on while we were outside, and then started talking about how we can’t shut down the economy, we have to “go to war” with the virus and i was like, what does that even mean? and ALSO what do you think we’re all doing right now by wearing masks, being socially distanced, working, taking all these effing precautions? that IS going to war. and yet here you are shaming me for doing exactly (in theory) what you’re saying we have to do? so are you actually suggesting “going to war” is “living like normal”???? i was seeing RED. i have no chill these days. it’s not great. it’s actually terrible. also in other news i’m basically blind, i recognize no one when i’m walking or biking around, so new-old strategy is just wave/smile at everyone but i know this has to be backfiring on me in some way.

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