highlights of 2021

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a short list, because honestly having a bit of a hard time remembering this year:

  • the rancho gordo super lucky black-eyed peas bob and leslie gave us
  • eating croissants in santa fe over christmas
  • loki, even though it wasn’t 100% great, BUT the colors were MUY good for repeat background viewings
  • as mentioned, the NBA
  • ross’s garden
  • ross’s tomatoes
  • ross’s lavender
  • just ross in general
  • the library
  • hunter harris really made me laugh with her newsletters
  • my outdoor haircut at trans-pecos
  • setting up the bed in the living room for the nephews and all of us falling asleep to the mysterious benedict society
  • reading little thieves in bed in santa fe
  • taking a bath with this bath soak
  • going to dallas for charlie’s service and getting to be with dad, linda, caroline, and brax
  • fam in general
  • friends in general, will i ever get to see them again????
  • frankie
  • harry’s help at the library, surprise addition

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