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okay, here’s what i’m up to today, on my last day of school freedom:

  • just finished station eleven, it was sooooo good, favorite read in a long team, i mean time, it gave me bad dreams, but stlll straight up loved it, it kind of reminded me of jennifer egan’s a visit from the goon squad, as far as structure and also — a little bit mood? can i get some feedback on that
  • started watching the series station eleven, not 100% sold yet but it’s definitely melancholy in a good way and mackenzie davis is v. v. good
  • making ribollita VERY SLOWLY
  • doing laundry
  • watching two basketball games at 1:30pm on TNT, my fave way to watch (charles, shaq, kenny = dream team)
  • until game time, watching avengers movie in the background (only really for spiderman) (also enh avengers movies are HECTIC, like 20% good and then 80% fighting)
  • drinking chocolate milk
  • definitely deciding that cate blanchett is overrated
  • wearing my cool game of thrones/renaissance fur robe
  • turning up the heat

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